builderjen (builderjen) wrote in weheartoverlays,

Lighting and animations with props

Hey, are we awake in here?? lol Anyway, I had a couple of questions maybe someone here knows. I asked one on GoS already in the quick question thread but maybe not everyone saw it :P

Is there a way to get a Sim to do animations and have the correct prop in their hands? Like, if I wanted a picture of a Sim playing with the Rubik's cube aka logic puzzle, how can I make them actually pull out the cube and play with it. It seems like the animation boxes and stuff only make them perform the actions but they don't have the items that go with them.

Second, while I love the lighting effects of Seasons, is there a way to change them in game? The other night I was trying to get some pictures and it start raining and suddenly my pictures all had different/wrong lighting. And then that rain lighting stuck when I went into an unoccupied lot to take more pictures, and the lighting sucked on that lot too. I poked around MTS2 but didn't see anything that could change atmospheric lighting on demand (and maybe it's not even possible).
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