freezetomorrow (freezetomorrow) wrote in weheartoverlays,

Old vs. New: a question

Hey! I'm a noob. I hope its okay for me to post here, I have kindof an ambigous question.

Since poseboxes came about, we have Decorgal, aikea-guinea, then JD, and then, suddenly, everyone seemed to be making their own poseboxes.
goodbyesun made a wonderful list on poseboxes on GoS (<3) but are they worth it?
What I'm trying to say is, do you, as a sims photographer, downloading all these (hundreds, potentially) poseboxes? Or do you stick to the tried and true methods of the creators mentioned above? Is there a place for these (often unmarked) poseboxes in photoshoots and storytelling, or are the methods of Decorgal and the like simply outdated? Is there room for both?

I'd really appreciate your personal opinion on this matter - I don't mean to cause any trouble, I'm just interested in the general opinion of people who use these (or don't) in their photoshoots/stories. Thanks. >:)
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