Simgaroop (simgarooop) wrote in weheartoverlays,

Posing child sims

Hello there!

I'm just wondering if someone has ever managed to overlay a facial expression with a pose on child sims. I'm currently doing some pictures with kid sims and I'm a quite a bit frustrated with the lack of options for them.

Very few poseboxes or hacks are enabled for them, but what I miss the most is Decorgal's model box.

While I'm not really interested in the "model" poses, I'd love to use the facial overlays on children. I found a posebox for children on Simscave, but in my opinion, the sims look quite lame when I pose them without a facial expression. For example, there's an adorable "bunny ears pose" that I'd like to use, but I'd also like to have my sim girl to smile at the same time.

Have you found a way to enable the model box for children? I think it's possible, because right here you can see some pictures of a child sim that is actually displaying those poses.

If not, if you have any suggestions for interesting poses with children, I'd love to read them!

Thank you in advance!
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