Posing child sims

Hello there!

I'm just wondering if someone has ever managed to overlay a facial expression with a pose on child sims. I'm currently doing some pictures with kid sims and I'm a quite a bit frustrated with the lack of options for them.

Very few poseboxes or hacks are enabled for them, but what I miss the most is Decorgal's model box.

While I'm not really interested in the "model" poses, I'd love to use the facial overlays on children. I found a posebox for children on Simscave, but in my opinion, the sims look quite lame when I pose them without a facial expression. For example, there's an adorable "bunny ears pose" that I'd like to use, but I'd also like to have my sim girl to smile at the same time.

Have you found a way to enable the model box for children? I think it's possible, because right here you can see some pictures of a child sim that is actually displaying those poses.

If not, if you have any suggestions for interesting poses with children, I'd love to read them!

Thank you in advance!
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Old vs. New: a question

Hey! I'm a noob. I hope its okay for me to post here, I have kindof an ambigous question.

Since poseboxes came about, we have Decorgal, aikea-guinea, then JD, and then, suddenly, everyone seemed to be making their own poseboxes.
goodbyesun made a wonderful list on poseboxes on GoS (<3) but are they worth it?
What I'm trying to say is, do you, as a sims photographer, downloading all these (hundreds, potentially) poseboxes? Or do you stick to the tried and true methods of the creators mentioned above? Is there a place for these (often unmarked) poseboxes in photoshoots and storytelling, or are the methods of Decorgal and the like simply outdated? Is there room for both?

I'd really appreciate your personal opinion on this matter - I don't mean to cause any trouble, I'm just interested in the general opinion of people who use these (or don't) in their photoshoots/stories. Thanks. >:)

Posing Without Pose Boxes Part II: Sitting

Hey all. So I made another tutorial on posing without pose boxes, this one focused on seated poses. I was going to upload the whole thing here to we<3overlays, but fluffing photobucket started warping my jpegs (does anybody know anything about that?). I don't have the pic space on live journal as my account is basic, so instead of hotlinking myself I'm just going to link to the tutorial on my main site until I can figure out what's going on.


Posing Without Poseboxes

Recently, I sat and gave a full, in-depth tutorial to my friend about how I posed some of my more recent story shots for After the Calling. She turned to me and said: “Too bad I’m not a sim story writer, or else that would have been really useful”.

Then, this past weekend, I was introduced to the concept of sim secrets when someone linked me to a secret based on my poses, and induced one major livejournal-binge on my part (how did I go this long without know anything about live journal? Pardon me, but, wank???? Glorious.). So, I figured that maybe I would stop giving pointers to my (ungrateful) friends and actually post techniques somewhere that it may be of help.

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There must be something really obvious that I`m overlooking and I apologize for the painfully amateurish post. Anyway, how do you get a Sim to console another Sim by putting their hands around them as the one who is being consoled weeps? I can`t explain it better than that without stealing someone else`s pic.

I`ve seen this in countless stories yet I`m not sure I figured out what type or combo of animations/overlays they are using. So, if anyone would be so kind as to clear this up for me I`d be extremely thankful.
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Lighting and animations with props

Hey, are we awake in here?? lol Anyway, I had a couple of questions maybe someone here knows. I asked one on GoS already in the quick question thread but maybe not everyone saw it :P

Is there a way to get a Sim to do animations and have the correct prop in their hands? Like, if I wanted a picture of a Sim playing with the Rubik's cube aka logic puzzle, how can I make them actually pull out the cube and play with it. It seems like the animation boxes and stuff only make them perform the actions but they don't have the items that go with them.

Second, while I love the lighting effects of Seasons, is there a way to change them in game? The other night I was trying to get some pictures and it start raining and suddenly my pictures all had different/wrong lighting. And then that rain lighting stuck when I went into an unoccupied lot to take more pictures, and the lighting sucked on that lot too. I poked around MTS2 but didn't see anything that could change atmospheric lighting on demand (and maybe it's not even possible).

Resolution, Performance and Image Quality

I currently have my game running at a max resolution of 1440x900.  If I lower the resolution, what can I expect in terms of image quality and game performance.  My guess is that my images won't be as clear.  Is it better to reduce the resolution and sharpen the images with my paint program?  Does using "smooth edges more" in game settings help?  Also, what is a good resolution setting (or at least, the most popular)?

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Changing clothes?

So, what is the easiest/best way to change a Sim from one outfit to another (like everyday to swim)? The only way I have found that doesn't require them to go over to a dresser is using boolprop testingcheatsenabled, and then there's an option to change suit. Is there an easier way, or a hack that does this? I didn't see it on any of the animation hacks I have.
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